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_Suspended stone circle_


Ken UnsworthSuspended stone circle, 1978-1981.

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_blue skies_


::  Joseph Pielichaty, blue skies from different countries found in newspapers

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_this is not _


Steve Wolfe
Untitled (This Is Not A Pipe)
Oil, enamel, ink transfer, modeling paste, masonite and wood
7 5/8 x 5 x 3/4 inches

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lesart_Teagan White

by artist Teagan White

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The Unknown Sea of Knitting


art by Knitting Master 203gow (niimarusangow)

quoted from | 3331 Arts Chiyoda
„The particular feature of art duct is its long and narrow space. This long rectangular glass box, with various holes incorporated into its design, allows one to see through to the other side, and has a sense of being wrapped in the air of the sea. In this installation I therefore took a section of the undiscovered, unseen, unknown creatures of the sea and have recreated them especially for this space as knitted objects.“
Knitting Master 203gow

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House Decorated Using 30,000 Bottle Caps


More info: here
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Temporary Contemporary Carpets by We Make Carpets


quoted from | artfucksme

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via: project33

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_large scaled objects_


Self Contained, 2010
Containers, caravan, tractor, Volvo, pallets, refrigerators, etc.

Beknownst Michael Johansson is a passionate artist devote to all things ordinary and organized neatly. What will propably take your eyes snap to his work is the same obsessive compulsive elegance. There are piles of storages, furniture and some cutlery amonst them beyond, all together grouped like one object and in a strange manner resulted into an artwork. Fascinated by assembling objects from model kits as a child, Johansson transforms everyday objects into models of themselves.

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_vegetation look_


quoted from | sad & useless

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